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12.19.2019 // posted by Michael @ 1:09 PM
Good morning/afternoon/evening!
By some twist of fate I have awakened much earlier than I usually do on Saturday mornings, and what ho? What is this ...strange feeling?  Well yes, it is part exhaustion, but the other part is..  I actually have time to do some things that have been on my task list since the prior century.  That said, here's a Flaud Logic update!

While it is true that I haven't released and Flaud Logic material in quite a while, it has still been a very musical time for me.  I had to take a short hiatus while having some renovations done in my home.  CD Underbelly studio was basically buried under plastic drop cloths and Pompeii-sized piles of dust and debris for several months.  To stay active musically, however, I continued to record new song ideas into my trusty mobile phone.

I also wanted to take the time to work on my singing a bit.  Initially I had considered private lessons (which I might still do), but I felt that the last thing I as a musician needed was more time on my own working on stuff.  Instead, I opted to join a choir which was good for several reasons:  Firstly, I got to meet new and cool people with shared interests.  Also, over time, an opportunity presented itself for me to practice and improve my skills in writing for a choir--something that's always useful as a Proghead!  So in my typical fashion, I put my oversized ambition to work, and came up with a few fun things to work on with some of the other choir members.

I've also been working to improve my overall production skills.  I am definitely more interested   
7.24.2018 // posted by Michael @ 5:10 PM
Just for kicks..!
I rebuilt this entire website using React.js so it is super-fast and once completed, will also support mobile devices more effectively.  I hope to release it soon (you're still looking at the old version right now)!
6.21.2015 // posted by Michael @ 1:56 PM
Website Upgrades
Hi, everybody.  Just wanted to let you know that will be undergoing a server migration in the next two weeks.  Apologies in advance for any content that may break, although every effort will be made to prevent this.  Happy Fathers' Day!
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